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Intrusion Alarms


Each residential security system installation is personalized for you, taking into account your family's lifestyles, including the activities of your children and pets. In addition to intrusion protection, a Security System can address environmental concerns (carbon monoxide, smoke detection, low temperature and sump pump alarms) for added protection. After the survey is completed, our security expert will design a customized system to meet your needs. Naturally, the survey is conducted at no cost and without any obligation on your part. Contact us to get started.


TuxedoTouchA confidential review completely covers your premises, including areas of particular concern that can be potential entry points for intruders, possible fire hazards and other factors unique to your requirements. Each commercial security systems installation is personalized for you taking into account your employee's habits, activities, and schedules including the activities of your cleaning staff or after hour deliveries. A report of these activities can be made available at your request. CCTV cameras can also be added to provide surveillance around the clock. After the survey is completed, our systems design team will construct a customized system specifically to meet your needs. Naturally, the survey is conducted without any cost or obligation on your part.

Honeywell First Alert Series FA168 Control Panel

OPTEX Outdoor Dual Photo Beam

Paradox DG85 Outdoor Motion Detector

  • Dual optical filtering system
  • Multi-level sensitivity adjustment

DSC AMB-500 Ceiling Mount 360 Degree Motion Detector

Honeywell IS2500LT Low Temperature Motion Detector with -40C operation

AMSECO Armoured Outdoor Siren/Red Strobe Light.

G.R.I. 55F Surface Mount Window Contact

G.R.I. 2020 Concealed Press Fit Door Contact

Honeywell Lynx Plus Wireless Security System

Honeywell FG730 Glassbreak Detector

Honeywell First Alert Series 5890PI Wireless Motion Detector with Pet Immunity

Honeywell Wireless 4 Button Keyfob with On/Off and Emergency Panic Alarm operation

Honeywell First Alert 2000 Series Motion Detector with Pet Immunity

Honeywell First Alert Series 570KP Customizable LCD Keypad

Cellular Communication Panel

A Cellular Communication Panel allows the transmission of all alarm signals in the event of a cut or otherwise disabled telephone line.

Waterproof Pendant MCT-201WP

Emergency Panic Alarm Buttons can be connected to your security system to provide 24-hour emergency or hold-up panic protection for employees.

DSC Power Series Control Panels

Honeywell 6271 Touch Screen with Built In Customizable Digital Picture Frame